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Engel 30ton locking force automatic injection moulding unit

LC Plastic manufactures tools for all series (including short and prototype) for real injection moulding of thermoplastics, special plastic parts with different inserts (e.g. metal parts), and performs contract manufacturing of plastic parts in all volumes (including small to mid-size). We work with all thermoplastics (including PEEK and reinforced). Short lead times and low costs for tools, as well as competitive unit prices for plastic parts.

The company also undertake turn-key delivery of packaged products.

We are used to medical production.

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Twelve good reasons for choosing LC Plastic
LC Plastic specialities are low-cost real injection moulded plastic, and plastic parts with unique properties and functions. With good technology, experienced and well trained staff, and premises in readily accessible Nässjö (southern Sweden), we have advantages such as:
  1. Very cheap tools for 1K injection moulding with short lead times
  2. Extra cheap 1K plastic parts in volumes with tool upgrades
  3. Cheap tools for 2K injection moulding with short lead times
  4. Good unit prices for "true" 2K plastic parts
  5. Injection moulding with inserts (plastic, metal, electronics, ...)
  6. Tool properties in between steel and aluminium (tolerances and life time)
  7. Special plastic parts (surface finish, draft angles, "impossible" shapes, ...)
  8. Cleanroom injection moulding on project basis
  9. Advice design and plastic
  10. Medical production
  11. Contract manufacturing
  12. Minimal language barriers and no faraway countries
Which challenges and needs do you have? Contact us, and we will show what LC Plastic can do!

Plastic part
Size: ~20x20 mm
Tool: 1 700 €

Plastic part
Size: ~30x70 mm
Tool (1 side action): 2 100 €

Plastic part with inserts
Rail with threaded inserts
Size: ~5x15x95 mm
Tool: 1 900 €

Plastic part with inserts
Housing with threaded inserts and liner
Size: ~35x40x105 mm
Tool (18 inserts and 6 pull directions):
9 000 €

Cleaning gun
Complete set
Cleaning gun
Size: ~200x200 mm
Tools (13 pcs): 34 000 €

Assembled & packaged product
Couplings in bags in box
Bags: ~75x150 mm



Tools and injection moulding of thermoplastics. Production tools for all volumes. Prototype tools with tolerances ±0.01 mm in the entire series. Withstands >20 000 cycles, sometimes >100 000 cycles. Possible to use smaller draft angles than usual.

Assembly and packaging in our own facilities with storerooms.

  • 1K injection moulding (tool prices from 1 700 €) with options such as:
    • High-gloss polished tool surfaces
    • Plastic parts with injection moulding wise unusual geometries
    • High-speed tools for lower unit prices of plastic parts (typically +50% on the tool price)
    • Multi-cavity tools for lower plastic parts unit cost and higher production rate (typically +30% extra/cavity on the tool price)
    • Forced delivery time (typically: tools 1 week to first type sample, plastic parts 2 days to first delivery)
  • 2K injection moulding (warm frame at the second injection) with competitive unit prices and tool prices
  • Injection moulding with inserts (e.g. plastic tubes, insert nuts, sheet metal parts, cables, microswitches, et al)
  • Cleanroom injection moulding (laminar flow hood)
  • Packaged and assembled items
Also helps with design adaptation for injection moulding, design solutions, industrial design, development, product maintenance, and production cost reduction.

Injection moulded without bothering budget and time schedule
R&D usually wants cheap models in the right materials and workmanship with short delivery time. They also want to be able to move on to series production. Production usually wants low unit prices and fast reliable deliveries.

Challenges for injection moulded plastic as solution are expensive tools with long manufacturing times, and noticeable lead times in serial production. Other solutions often provide the wrong material and workmanship, and high unit prices in serial production.

With tool prices from 1 700 €, short manufacturing time (normally 3 weeks), and competitive unit prices with fast deliveries (normally 4 weeks/series), LC Plastic can meet the needs of both R&D and Production. The production tools are valid for all volumes. The prototype tools can be upgraded for longer life and lower unit prices in volume production.

Contact us for advice and fast price information. Advice on plastic design available here. We have more than 25 years of experience from plastic solutions, tools, and injection moulding.

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